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the reinvented RailsClub — RubyRussia

The leading Ruby conference in Russia. We expand the borders, discuss new topics and unite the Ruby developers in one large-scale event.

Come to learn something new, chat with the colleagues and Ruby stars, learn about the Ruby and Rails development prospects first hand, enhance your skills and be inspired for the whole year.

1 day, 2 flows of speeches, and a splendid after party. We are waiting for you!


Aaron Patterson
Ruby core team member and Rails core team member. He works as a Senior Software engineer at a small startup called GitHub
Charles Nutter
Charles works on JRuby and JVM language support at Red Hat.
Godfrey Chan
Rails core team alumni. He currently works Tilde as an in-house Canadian, splitting his time between building Skylight, Ember.js and evolving the JavaScript language at TC39.
Maciej Mensfeld
Poland An active OSS contributor and maintainer of various projects including Karafka – Framework used to simplify Apache Kafka-based Ruby applications developmen
Yulia Oletskaya
Yulia is a web developer from Minsk, Belarus. She writes Ruby gems and contributes to open source projects in her spare time
Coolesh Julian
Ruby and Rust developer at Kupibilet. You can find his code in various opensource libraries, for example at dry-rb gems
Anton Davydov
Hanami core developer and an indie developer from Moscow. I work on different open source projects and builds Space-Rocket ships at night
Markus Schirp
Entrepreneur / Freelancing 'Post Ruby' Developer, constructive 'Dynamic language exorcist'. Author of mutant - a popular Ruby Mutation Testing tool, and its adjacent support gems. DataMapper and ROM core team alumni.
Nikolay Sverchkov
Back-end developer at Evil Martians. Came back to Ruby after 1.5 years developing in Elixir. Midnight soccer player
Ivan Shamatov
Ruby developer from Peter, founder of the Saint P Ruby User Group and organizer of eponymous conference and meetups. When not writing code, teaches others how to write code
Paul Yakshankin
Teamlead at the e-com service Instagram. Likes user-friendly projects with nightmare complexity . Since 2013 engaged in hiring and training. Not even sad yet
Ivan Rabotyaga
A hardworking guy from Evrone
Dmitry Stepanenko
Developer at He uses Ruby at work and study Elixir in free time
Andrey Novikov
Back-end developer at Evil Martians, author of some little gems and large applications, broke production several times and now tries to avoid it from happening again
Sergey Alekseenko
Backend developer at, engaged in hosting automatization. He writes Ruby and Elixir. Teamleader of the Ruby on Rails course at Netology
Vlad Bogomolov
Backend developer at Gett. 10 years experience with Ruby, writes Golang last 1,5 years
Pavel Shutin
Teamlead at Toptal. Karting lover. 11 years of experience in web development


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Moscow, Congress centre Technopolis
Volgogradsky prospect, 42к5


+7 (999) 112-53-89