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the reinvented RailsClub — RubyRussia

The leading Ruby conference in Russia. We expand the borders, discuss new topics and unite the Ruby developers in one large-scale event.

Come to learn something new, chat with the colleagues and Ruby stars, learn about the Ruby and Rails development prospects first hand, enhance your skills and be inspired for the whole year.

1 day, 4 tracks of talks, great afterparty. We are waiting for you!


7 000₽
Early Bird
9 000₽
11 000₽
Last Chance


Yukihiro Matsumoto
Ruby creator
Takashi Kokubun
Optimizing Ruby's JIT compiler and maintaining Haml and ERB. Backend Engineer at Arm Treasure Data.
Nick Sutterer
Creator of Whenever Open-Source meets deep and profound debates about architecting software, and there's free beer involved, Nick Sutterer must be just around the corner. Say Hi to him, he loves people.
Xavier Noria
Everlasting student · Zeitwerk · Rails Core Team · Ruby Hero · Freelance · Live lover
Genadi Samokovarov
Genadi is a Ruby on Rails contributor working on Receipt Bank from Sofia, Bulgaria. Organizer of Balkan Ruby and EuRuKo 2016.
Dávid Halász
Graduated as an embedded systems engineer in the time it wasn’t called IoT, now pretending to be a Senior Software Engineer. Codes in Ruby for work and in C for fun at Red Hat. He likes his guitars and now annoys his colleagues with a ukulele at the office.
Julia Egorova
Backend developer at JetRockets. She studies fuzzy logic, and tries to guide her students into a bright future. In her free time Julia likes to dig into Ruby and Rails source code.
Vladimir Dementyev
Helping people to deal with "cables", write faster tests and efficient policies. Herding cats at Evil Martians the rest of the time.
Tatiana Shepeleva
QA Engineer @ Toptal, bugs hunter and veteran traveler.
Nikita Shilnikov
Dry-rb rom-rb core developer.
Grigory Petrov
Full-time software developer since the late nineties. Was involved in such software projects as Radmin, Advanced IP Scanner, NPTV, Voximplant. A frequent conference and meetup speaker with main areas of interest in software development management and cross-platform development.
Kir Shatrov
Ruby and Rails contributor. He develops cloud services and scales one of the world's most highloaded monolith on Rails at Shopify. Previously consalted Evil Martians and Evrone.
Mikhail Pronyakin
C/С++, Go and Ruby developer, cybersecurity specialist. He is working at Wallarm (ONSEC) for 6 years.
Artem Strakhov
QA engineer. A proponent of formal methods in testing. Coffee lover.
Vladimir Sharshov
Backend developer at Gett. Ruby developer for 10 years he is also use a lot of Golang. for the last six months.
Julian Pokrovsky
Backend developer at Kupibilet. Loves everything with “Ru” in it: writes on Ruby and Rust, lives in Russia.
Anton Davydov
Anton is backend architect at toptal. Also, he is a Hanami and dry-rb Core Developer and an indie developer from Moscow. He works on different open source projects and builds space-rocket ships at night.
Igor Alexandrov
Backend developer and co-founder of JetRockets. He balances between clients and developers, write a lot of code and train new employees. Builds motorcycles in his free time.
Ivan Shamatov
Saint P Ruby Community lead. Works @ Cybergizer. Loves to talk about coding, having fun about coding, watching others people coding, and sometimes coding himself.
Nikolai Sverchkov
Creative Back-end developer at Evil Martians. I speak at conferences to show a couple of funny slides, especially about the fellow speakers.
Ivan Nemytchenko
First-wave Rubyist, teacher, complexity fighter, GitLab fan.
Dmitry Salahutdinov
Ruby developer at Amplifr, mathematician, nature-lover, family-man with three kids. He contributes to OSS after midnight as quiet as ninja when his children finally get asleep.
Andrew Molchanov
Curious Software Engineer at Evrone.
Artem Krivonozhko
Ruby developer from Actimind. In my spare time I code Elixir, eat pizza and travel by bicycle.


Moscow, st. Pokrovka, 47


+7 (999) 112-53-89